Back-to-School Blessing and Drive-Thru Blast

    09.18.20 | Articles by John Matkin

    Join us Sunday as we finish up our back-to-school worship series - Proverbs: Lessons for Life. We won’t be in the book of Proverbs this week; we’ll be in the book of James, also known as “the Proverbs of the New Testament." Both of our worship experiences will include a special back-to-school blessing video of children, teachers, and church staff (definitely tune in for this, even if you don’t have time for the sermon).

    Families with young children are invited to return in the afternoon, 5-6pm, for a Back-to-School Drive-Thru Blast. Our youth will help distribute some nifty gifts for the school year for each child, including a see-through water bottle. Before you exit the parking lot, roll up your windows and get ready to have your entire car “blasted” with water soakers. (This has been postponed until next Sunday, September 27, 2020.)

    God bless,
    Jack Matkin