Love and Serve

    04.02.21 | Mission by John Matkin

    Amid our daily lives, our encounter with social and health disparities is inevitable. If we look closer at our communities, we see the homeless under a bridge huddle from the challenging weather or on the corner street asking for help. The single mother with young ones struggling to feed her children. The addict that has lost his way in drugs or alcohol and has no hope or home to go to. The unemployed father/mother that worries about where the next meal for the family will come from or if they will be finding themselves homeless on the next sunrise.  The elderly, proud adult who once was a working member of society and now lives from a small pension or social security and must choose between medicines/bills or food. The hungry child, whose sleep is disrupted by an empty stomach.  The child or teen who unwillingly is slaved and used by a sex trafficking ring. The mentally ill that are misunderstood.                                                                                 

    We, as the body of Christ, are called to respond in love and gratitude to the blessings our Father bestowed on us. We are called to do something, to use the gifts our Father has given us. I know Christ, our redeemer, expects us to love and serve the ones we can. 

    Your donation of two cups of rice or beams in this bag will be a blessing to someone in your community.