Pentecost Sunday

    05.14.21 | Articles by John Matkin

    Join us next week for Pentecost - the fiftieth and last day of the season of Easter - when the Church received the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2). Pentecost is one of the great festival days in the Christian year, a little bit behind Easter and Christmas, but not by much! Like Easter and Christmas, it’s another day where what happened on that day is a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. It’s also when we celebrate “the birth of the Church.” 

    Pentecost is the only Sunday whose liturgical color is red, representing the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples. The next time you are in our sanctuary, take a look at the red stained-glass cross above the chancel, and the descending white dove embedded within it. The descending white dove is another symbol of the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples. So, the symbolism of Pentecost is part of our church architecture all the time!