04.30.21 | Articles by Kanika Douglas

    Dear Dickinson First Family and Friends,

    Dickinson First United Methodist Church’s mission’s statement is, “Real People. Real Purpose. Real God. Life Under the Cross.” I believe that DFUMC does commendable work to live out this calling. Since I have served here, each worship service, staff meeting, prayer group, order of service, and all special services are intentionally thought out and well-planned to ensure that the Gospel is not maligned, but rather that God’s love through Jesus Christ shines forth within the church body and to the community.

    I see a congregation full of enthusiastically involved members who genuinely love, care for, are willing to serve others well. The marks of a Methodist are to love God, rejoice in God, give thanks to God, pray constantly, and to love others. John Wesley believed that as Methodists, we should love our neighbors as ourselves, which comes from Mark 12:33. Wesley also believed that our love for others should not only extend to those we know, but to those that we do not know and those whose lives we may not agree with sometimes. This includes any we perceive as our enemy.

    The DFUMC website also reads, “Personal. Sustaining. Intentional. Supportive. Communal. Encouraging. Caring. Serving. Empowered. Doing. Relational. Active. Involved. Directional. Purposeful. Comfortable.” Of this church, all of them ring true. I believe that it is a testament to the servant leadership exhibited in all of you. Even though my internship is coming to a close, I pray that it is a start to new beginnings with you. You have embraced me, blessed me, and loved me WELL. I am truly honored and grateful for every single experience at DFUMC and you will always be a special place in my heart. I came in nervous, but I leave out gaining more wisdom, knowledge, and family! Thank you!

    For His Glory,
    Kanika Douglas (SMU Seminary Intern)