Worship Broadcast Ministry Needs You!

    10.10.20 | Volunteer by John Matkin

    Our congregation depends upon volunteers to broadcast worship each Sunday to members and guests who are not able to join us physically for worship. The Worship Broadcast ministry sets up and operates the live stream broadcasts (as well as in-person worship) for both worship services on Sunday mornings. They are dedicated, passionate members of our church who strive to bring excellent worship experiences to all.

    They need your help. They need some persons to volunteer to serve one week each month so they don’t have to serve four Sundays every month.
    No experience is necessary, and training is available. We’ll help you get involved quickly and easily in any of these areas:

    • Camera Operator: Maintains and controls cameras.
    • Worship Slide Operator: Transitions the worship slides following the orders of worship.
    • Video Switch Operator: Switches between cameras during a live stream while communicating with camera operator.
    • Sound Board Mixer: Operates audio equipment, including setting up and mixing each worship service.

    Contact Steve Smith at to join our team and become a part of this exciting new church ministry.