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    Drawn In
    07.17.21 | Articles | Worship | by Nikki Grey

    We spend too much time being “driven” rather than “drawn in.” We focus on what we “should” do rather than what we feel excited and compelled to do in our lives, in this world. During this series, we will connect with our inherent creativity and...

      The Tie That Binds
      09.18.20 | Worship | by John Matkin

      This fall, join us for The Tie That Binds, our fall worship series from the apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Paul writes forcefully about the church being united in and through Jesus Christ - from him the whole body, fitted and knit...

        Still Real
        06.25.20 | Worship | by John Matkin

        Deep from our roots, a growl within us cries out and says, “I am still real.” We stand still for a moment. Bending and creaking against the winds of life, we stand still and listen, still rooted in something bigger, something real.