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Holy Week Worship

Holy Week Worship

by John Matkin on April 01, 2021

Holy Week Worship

Dear Dickinson First Family and Friends,

Make room on your calendar, beginning this evening. Holy Week worship this year includes very powerful mid-week experiences, followed by two moving Easter worship experiences on Sunday morning. Each worship service will be a unique opportunity to be drawn into a deeper Holy Week experience of Christ’s last week in and around Jerusalem, including the Last Supper, Betrayal, Arrest, Trial, Sentence, Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection. Scripture, song, and meditations will play significant roles in each worship service.  

  • Maundy Thursday @ 7:00 pm
  • Good Friday @ 7:00 pm
  • Easter Sunday Contemporary Worship @ 9:00 am
  • Easter Sunday Traditional Worship @ 11:00 am

We’ll be joining Jesus and his disciples in the Upper Room on Maundy Thursday, with a table set for the Last Supper located on the chancel in the sanctuary. We will also receive the elements of Holy Communion in prefilled cups. Good Friday’s worship experience is a Tenebrae service - a dramatic reading/presentation of  the passion of Christ and a progressive extinguishing of candles, as the world proceeds to darkness upon the death of Christ on the cross. Our Chancel Choir will be presenting a series of reflective and soulful anthems throughout the service.

Easter worship will be Easter worship, with more Easter worship included. The Sanctuary will be adorned with Easter flowers, we’ve added more musicians for both worship services, and we will be providing in-person worshipers with a palm-branch cross at the conclusion of worship. 

All Holy Week worship experiences will be in-person and livestreamed on our YouTube channel and our Facebook Live page. In-person worshipers will continue wearing facemasks inside the building and we will refrain from congregational singing.

God bless,
Jack Matkin

Easter Sunday Seating 

Persons who have already received the vaccine pose very little health risk to others who have also received the vaccine, so they can sit next to each other and on every pew, odd and even, in the outside sections of the sanctuary (far right and far left sections). Physically-distanced seating by households will continue to occur in the center sections of the sanctuary for persons who have not received a vaccine shot, yet, and for families with youth and children ineligible for the vaccine. This change will allow us to increase our seating capacity for Easter without compromising health or safety. We will have overflow seating in The Commons and the Connection Center, too.

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