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Hosanna! Is the Restoration of Community Health

Hosanna! Is the Restoration of Community Health

by John Matkin on February 26, 2021

Hosanna! Is the Restoration of Community Health

Dear Dickinson First Family and Friends,

Don’t forget your piece of beach glass this Sunday. We will continue to use it as a symbol of our journey through brokenness to wholeness. In this Lenten “season of recovery” for our physical, communal, mental, intellectual, and environmental health, we will explore the healing narratives of Jesus that tell of divine solidarity with human suffering and remind us that we can begin a journey toward making something beautiful from that which is seemingly broken. 

As we continue our journey into and through our Lenten season of restoration, it’s important to keep in mind that we should be seeking communal restoration as well as individual restoration. Our sin-sick world needs a Balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole, too. We recognize this reality at our very baptisms - do you reject the evil powers of this world?

The Jewish people of Jesus’ day were aware their world was broken, too, and needed mending. The promised wholeness of the kingdom of David was not presently fulfilled. But there was a promise, a promise of a Messiah who would restore the fortunes of the kingdom and their part in it. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, they shouted a code word for communal restoration - Hosanna! Save us! Not just save me! Save us! Save our community!

Often our Lenten journeys of reflection and restoration look almost exclusively on the individual - we look at our own piece of beach glass. If God can just smooth MY jagged edges, I can be whole again. But, think of all the pieces of beach glass tumbling in the surf! Almighty God comes for a great communal restoration, and empowers and calls us to be Holy Vessels, carrying that power and purpose within us.

God bless,
Jack Matkin

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