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Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving Edition

by John Matkin on November 24, 2020

Thanksgiving Edition

Dear Dickinson Family and Friends,

This year, I am so glad we chose to take a ‘season’ to thank God instead of just one Sunday. Because we canceled our annual churchwide Thanksgiving dinner, we needed additional opportunities to be ‘thankful’ beyond our traditional table fellowship. Along with many of you, that meal is one of the fellowship highlights of this congregation for me. 

So we spent time recognizing that we can give God thanks with our entire inner being (heart), through our daily living (hand), and in our words (voices). Church members express their thankfulness during worship. And we encouraged everyone to reach out to a loved or honored person in your life to express your thankfulness for them

This Thanksgiving, our sons are remaining in Austin. It will be the first time Rhonda and I eat our Thanksgiving meal by ourselves. I know that experience will include a sense of absence, a sense of longing, a sense of loss. At the same time though, we will not pass up the opportunity to remember the day’s and meal’s original and continued meaning, a time and expression of thanks for all that God has done for us.

Others of you may experience some of the same feelings this year. I pray you, too, may keep your eye and your heart on God’s faithfulness, and be thankful.

I pray you all have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

God Bless,
Jack Matkin

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