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Time to Renew Our Standard of Giving

Time to Renew Our Standard of Giving

by John Matkin on January 22, 2021

Time to Renew Our Standard of Giving

Dear Dickinson Family and Friends,

The difference between “the patterns of this world” and “what God’s will is” can be far apart. The apostle Paul rejected the possibility of living these two lifestyles at the same time. Later, John Wesley’s basic message was tied to holy living - what our congregation calls Life Under the Cross. For Wesley, all of life is from God, and our use of all its gifts and bounties are to be received gratefully and administered faithfully as “good stewards.” 

In addition to being a preacher and organizer, Wesley was a Bible scholar and an astute observer of human behavior. Throughout six decades of ministry, Wesley returned again and again to the notion that Christian stewardship included Christians’ use of money - it could not be separated from the rest of a Christian’s daily walk with Jesus. Over those decades, Wesley wrote often and plainly about the true use of money - based on scripture, reason, experience, and tradition - so much so that Methodism can be said to have a Standard for Giving. This standard can be learned and applied. It can be part of our transformation from “the patterns of this world” to “what God’s will is” in our lives.

This Sunday it’s Time to Renew Our Standard for Giving - invest some of your Sunday morning in worship in our sanctuary or online - it will pay great dividends!

God bless, 
Jack Matkin

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