Good Friday 2021

Good Friday 2021

April 02, 2021

    We slowly make our way to cross, where Jesus will be put on trial, found guilty, and crucified. He will breathe his last as we experience our own version of Tenebrae, or Service of Shadows. This will be a choral event with dramatic readings and other guest musicians and artists. As the Passion of Christ is read, a candle will be extinguished with each reading: we will depart in darkness and silence.

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    Each worship experience is a unique opportunity to be drawn into a deeper Holy Week experience of Christ’s last week in and around Jerusalem, including the Last Supper, Betrayal, Arrest, Trial, Sentence, Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection. I encourage you to take the entire Holy Week journey with us; don’t skip from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

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