Risen - He Lives! (Contemporary)

Series: Easter Season - Risen

Risen - He Lives! (Contemporary)

April 18, 2021 | John Matkin

"Wesley’s fundamental conviction (was) that authentic Christian obedience flows out of love, and that genuine human love can only exist in response to the prior empowering manifestation of God’s love to us. The Spirit’s witness is precisely such a manifestation of God’s love in individual hearts, enabling them to respond and grow in Christ-likeness. For Wesley, any model of the Christian life which excludes this witness would suggest that humans grown in Christ-likeness through their own power!" Randy Maddox

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Easter is more than a day; Easter is an entire season in the Christian year. The early Christians called this season the Great Fifty Days. It began with Easter Day and extended through Pentecost on the fiftieth day (seven Sundays). The season commemorates the fifty days that began when Jesus rose from the dead and ended when the disciples received the Holy Spirit and the Christian church was born. 

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Risen - He Lives!

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