Still Real - Attend to the Ordinances of God (Contemporary)

Series: Still Real

Still Real - Attend to the Ordinances of God (Contemporary)

August 09, 2020 | Dan Amerson

Because God's promises to Israel have been fulfilled through the life and teachings of Jesus, we can know the assurance that is grounded in God's redemptive love, praise God with unbounded joy, fervently follow Jesus' example and teachings, open our lives to the leading of God's Spirit, and respond to the call to join the company of witnesses spreading to the ends of the earth the good news of Jesus' coming." - Alan Culpepper

Series Information

We begin our summer worship series this coming Sunday - Still Real. As the world changes around us, we return to our “roots,” our foundational understanding of who we are, where we come from, and why we are here. For our congregation, the answers to these foundational questions can be found in our vision statement: Real People - Real Purpose - Real God - Life Under the Cross. 

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