Worthy Is the Lamb

Series: Easter Season - Risen

Worthy Is the Lamb

April 25, 2021 | John Matkin

"…the song of the heavenly beings is identified here as “new”; it is praise of the end-time act of God in Jesus. Because it has to do with the beginning of the new creation, the moment has come for a new song that expresses the fundamental change of the situation effected by Jesus and his work of salvation." Jurgen Roloff

Series Information

Easter is more than a day; Easter is an entire season in the Christian year. The early Christians called this season the Great Fifty Days. It began with Easter Day and extended through Pentecost on the fiftieth day (seven Sundays). The season commemorates the fifty days that began when Jesus rose from the dead and ended when the disciples received the Holy Spirit and the Christian church was born. 

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