Current Series

Christmas Presence

Give Thanks

Join us the next two weeks as we celebrate giving thanks and glorifying God as a community of faith. We lift our voices in prayer and praise for the goodness of Christ our King.

Hell No! Heaven Yes!

During this series, we will continue our two week long sermon titled Hell No! and then jumping right up to Heaven with Heaven Yes. You can anticipate a scriptural investigation of the pearly gates for the next 3 weeks.

Courage to Shine

God calls on Joshua to lead the Israelites across the Jordan River and take focus on the promised land. God guarantees victory in the military campaign and vows never to leave the Israelites so long as they are faithful to God. Today, God calls on us to take focus on our promised land. As we come out of our own wilderness, Courage to Shine, a 5-week worship series, will remind God’s faithful people of God’s relationship with us and how to take courage to journey outside.

Drawn In: Living the Creative Life With God

God created the heavens and the earth... and called it all good!
We spend too much time being “driven” rather than “drawn in.” We focus on what we “should” do rather than what we feel excited and compelled to do in our lives, in this world. During this series, we will connect with our inherent creativity and nurture this foundational aspect of being human, giving us renewed energy for passionate work, delightful play, and creative problem solving to make this world a better place for all.

Summer on the Mount

...Jesus went up on a mountainside and sat down. HIs disciples came to him, and he began to teach them... Matthew 5:1-2

Come in from the heat this summer for our red-letter summer worship series. We’re taking a closer look at the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, Christ’s best-known sermon. The sermon contains some of Christ’s most famous teachings, including the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer.

Come spend some time with the Master Teacher “on the mount.”

Easter Season - Risen

Easter is more than a day; Easter is an entire season in the Christian year. The early Christians called this season the Great Fifty Days. It began with Easter Day and extended through Pentecost on the fiftieth day (seven Sundays). The season commemorates the fifty days that began when Jesus rose from the dead and ended when the disciples received the Holy Spirit and the Christian church was born. 

Holy Week

Each worship experience is a unique opportunity to be drawn into a deeper Holy Week experience of Christ’s last week in and around Jerusalem, including the Last Supper, Betrayal, Arrest, Trial, Sentence, Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection. I encourage you to take the entire Holy Week journey with us; don’t skip from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Holy Vessels

In this Lenten Season of Recovery for our physical, communal, mental, intellectual, and environmental health, we will explore the healing narratives of Jesus that tell of divine solidarity with human suffering and remind us that we can begin a journey toward making something beautiful from that which is seemingly broken. 

Winter Series

A time  between our renewal services and the Lenten season.

Time to Renew

Recently, it’s been our custom at the beginning of each new year to follow the apostle Paul’s advice to “renew our minds” at the beginning of the year. Paul’s exhortation is set in contrast to conforming to the ways of the world. He connects our thinking and our doing to the will of God, and he describes renewal as a dynamic, growing process, not simply resetting to where one was before.